Pray for America - Day 20

Pray for America – Day 20

Pray for America - Day 20

For in Him we live and move and have our being.  – Acts 17:28

DAY 20: “Abiding in Him”

These are troubling times. COVID-19 changed our world forever and we wonder what the future will hold. Some have become impatient with God during this time, wanting a quick solution and an end to the current crisis. We can and should pray for a safe and effective vaccine, for safety for health care workers and the elderly, and for a solution that will restore peace and safety. In the meantime, we can find our hope and peace by abiding In Him.

In John 15:7, we read that if we abide in Him and His words abide in us, we have the assurance that our prayers will be answered. To “abide” means to remain or to stay, and in Him can be both a position and a process. We are “in Christ” the moment we believe and confess Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Upon our confession, we are positioned eternally in Him. Abiding in Him is also a process in which we live out our devotion to God through our worship and our prayers, the study of His Word, and in serving the needs of others, to name a few. An outcome of abiding in Him is the spiritual fruit we produce. One such fruit is patience, clearly evidenced by the peace we have while waiting for God’s answers to our prayers to be in His time and no longer expecting them to be in ours.

Abiding in Him leads the way to answered prayer. Pray that many in our nation will turn to the Lord as we deal with problems that seem to have no solution. Pray for revival, starting within the hearts of God’s people as we are drawn to a deeper revelation of the abundance of living and being in Him.


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